Ceramic and Building Materials

04 Oct 2012

Power requirements are very high in these sectors, so there is a need to optimise drying and atomising processes to improve product quality while containing energy costs. Installing a mOisTori in the production cycle increases quality and repeatability at different production stages: on exit from the driers, on the end ceramic product on inert powders, both hot and cold.

In the first case the benefits for the production process include reduction of drier time, improvements in product quality and reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. In the second case, energy consumption is optimised during atomising, with a consequent improvement in the final price/quality ratio. The raw materials are also better and regularly controlled.

In the cement sector, MOISTURE control enables real-time calculation of the percentage of water to be added to a mixture of watery components (aggregates, sand or ashes) to obtain the desired product.