Food and Food powders

04 Oct 2012

An important sector in the food industry is the transformation of raw materials into powder products having a low moisture level. This process endows the raw materials with better preservation properties by reducing the potentially harmful growth of bacteria colonies and increases medium- and long-term storage life.

In the field of production of food powders such as milk, egg powder or baby foods, the mOisTori MOISTURE sensors mean that dehydration operations or raw-material change-of-state processes (e.g. from liquid to solid form) can be perfectly controlled.

Controlled real-time management of drying or spray-drying processes give improvements in terms of productivity and safety; product workability is also improved and energy consumption reduced, all of which have a direct impact on the price-quality ratio of the end product.

“Because MOISTURE measurement is independent from the color and particle size of the Food  powder and independent from the mineral content of the milk, the accurancy is higher and the need for calibration is lower, specially compared to NIR-methods.”