Wood – Panel and Pellet

04 Oct 2012

In the production of panels (PB, MDF, OSB) or pellets the measuring of the MOISTURE and DENSITY levels of the wood material is of fundamental importance in making sure that the production process works efficiently and waste of energy resources and raw materials is kept to a minimum.

Putting a mOisTori in-line for process control guarantees plant efficiency and competitivity. Product quality is high-level and consistent and contributes to a reduction in normal management costs (including energy expenditure) and maintenance.

mOisTori solutions give operators the chance to intervene in real-time on the process parameters, meaning less downtime (for example, for poorly-resined materials in pressing operations) – downtime and material loss that in a very short time, literally hours, would otherwise cause very relevant economic damage.

In-line measuring and control performed by mOisTori solutions can be successfully applied in the various stages of the production process, starting from refining of materials and leading on to drying and resin-treating. The versatility of the mOisTori also means that it can be used in specific customised applications.